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Climate change is a worldwide topic. But what effects can it have on our lives?  How do teachers and students deal with environmental issues? What are our contributions to these?  

From September 2012 until June 2014 the students of the class III E Linguistico were engaged in the above mentioned project along with the collaboration of the Teacher of German Language, Donatella Mancinelli (coordinator),  the Teacher of Italian Language, Loretta Bonifaci and  the Teacher of English Language, Laura Lombardo.


The aim of the Comenius Project “EUROPE-GO-GREEN” is to focus on the different problems met in the member countries and find possible solutions to them. In addition, its objective is to raise or to strengthen the environmental awareness of students, teachers, parents and people involved in it, but also to provide a contribution to the development of European integration. 
The project includes regional aspects, examining each of the partners schools on site, comparing and evaluating individual results, discussing and implementing the solutions. 
Environmental aspects are examined, exchanged and discussed in each of the partner schools, regions and countries.
The knowledge of the developments, problems and needs in other European countries will strengthen the ability to handle with environmental problems.  A more responsible behaviour will be shaped not only by studying problems, but also by publishing positive aspects in the various countries of Europe . 
The group has chosen English as working language.




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